Our Approach

Intelligent Recruitment is specialized in recruitment of qualified staff from narrow-profiled specialists up to top-managers for companies from all fields of business activity.

Our approach is based on the study of the client company needs, its structure and culture, the role of the future employee, the labour market in the specific industry, and also key-criteria of selection and the particularities of the opening.

In our activity we are guided by the following principles: fair and open dialogue with the clients and applicants, simple and clear scheme of work, observance of ethical norms, as well as establishing solid long-term partnership relationships with both candidates and employers.

At any moment you can contact our consultants to find out about the stage of the project.

We are aware of the fact that our work considerably influences the business of our client companies, as well as careers of the candidates; we recognize and accept this responsibility.

Our services

As a recruitment agency, we identify, select and recruit the best talented candidates by which companies can grow. We do:

Recruitment (classical and advanced including executive search and headhunting), relocation, organisational consultancy, labour market research, HR networking events etc.

Intelligent Recruitment works with active, in search of job, applicants, as well as approaching passive ones, those who at the moment are not considering their career change.

We use:

Classic method of recruiting:

  • screening, telephone and personal interview, evaluation of applicants including psychological and professional/technical 

Advanced methods:

  • Executive Search - method of direct searching to fulfill a specific task, taking into consideration particularities of the company and industry

    Headhunting – organization of meeting with a specific candidate

Cooperation steps

  1. It is easy to become our client: mail us on office@recruter.md or just leave your application at the bottom of this page. We will contact you to arrange a meeting.
  2. At the meeting we will discuss the particularities of your recruitment project and possible methods of search. Every project is unique and needs an unique approach and strategy. 
  3. For a more precise search we will analyze the vacancy, the place of the future employee in the company’s structure and his responsibilities, together with the employer will make a detailed description of the job, will also sign a contract 
  4. Starting with this moment, we begin our work on the project: study  of the labor market, search and selection of potential applicants, interview and evaluations
  5. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview with the client. Company makes a decision about employment
  6. Intelligent Recruitment supervises the employed worker, with guarantee of free replacement in case of necessity

Price and warranties

An average fee for our recruitment services makes 15-20 per cent from annual wage of the employee.

We guarantee 1 free replacement in term of 2 months in case of his dismissal.

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