Why to apply to a recruiting agency?

On average, cost of an independent search makes a few wages of a middle-level specialist; here there are included temporal and intellectual expenditures, addvertisment costs, telecommunication costs, salary for an in-house recruiter etc. Commiting the recruitment process to an experienced agency saves your time and budget, and in addition to that, an agency like ours manages any recruitment search quickly and efficienttly due to permanent study of the market. 

What information about the vacancy the client offers?

A correctly formulated vacancy profile and job description directly influences exactness and effectiveness of a recruitment process. That's why it is important that the client-company provides its recruiter with detailed information about the vacancy: the managerial structure, responsibilities of the specialists, requirements on their education, qualities and skills, schedule of work, and a list of applicants who used to be interviewed for the respective vacancy before. A recruiting agency prefers to be operatively informed on every important modification. 

What kind of specialist we can find for you?

We provide recruiting services in various industries and specializations: from narrow specialists up to top-managers.

What time is required to fill in a vacancy?

On average, we fill in a vacancy in 2 weeks. We aim at a quick and successful fulfillment of a recruitment process, which is usually achieved by choosing a correct method of search and selection, as well as proper  job profiling.

Remunerating our services

The client proceeds with the remuneration for our services as soon as our candidate is hired and starts working; we work without any retained fee.